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Taima Miko Yuugi
This is a world overrun with demons and monsters. Thanks to exorcists, those monsters could be suppressed. The source of an exorcist’s energy, if the mana of an exorcist is taken away, her clothes will be torn apart by the monster, so the body is exposed, especially the between the breasts and legs.
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Описание Taima Miko Yuugi

Об этой игре

Trading cards: According to new policy of Steam, trading cards will be available when the quantity of copies of game sold reachs a certain amount.

This is a world overrun with demons and monsters, which often attack the human beings
Thanks to the existence of exorcists, those monsters could be suppressed

Set in a town in Japan, this is an RPG game in which the heroine will show special state in battle
Calling herself the exorcist, the inflatable Setsuna
All of a sudden, battles with the resurrected monsters in the town

The source of an exorcist’s energy, is obtained from depriving mana and battling with enemies
The mana of an exorcist is indispensable to eliminating the monsters, however, the monsters like devouring mana best.
If the mana of an exorcist is taken away, her clothes will be torn apart by the monster at the same time
The body is exposed, especially the sexy zone between the breasts and legs

Setsuna being attacked by various monsters, Battle H taking your breath away
In order to take Setsuna’s mana, the monsters entwine her body and squirt disgusting liquid in the meantime
Her clothes are torn apart forcibly, she is being entwined and loses the HP and consciousness

In every battle of this game, the image change will be shown immediately
Captivity, liquid shower, broken clothes and so on
The slut state of Setsuna will also be presented when she is engaging with the monsters

A free and easy game
When the game begins, you will encounter the monster very soon
When you complete the level
You are free to choose any route as you wish

Skip or speed the game, speed up the mission, adjust the difficulty level, flee from the level and so on
Provide you with a maximum of comfort and ease during the game experience

Описание контента для взрослых

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Nuidity or Sexual Content, Non-Consensual Sex, Explicit Sexual Acts, Adult Only

Детали Taima Miko Yuugi

Система активации Steam
Дата релиза 20 октября 2017 г.
Китайский (трад.) (Интерфейс, субтитры)
Английский (Интерфейс, субтитры)

Системные требования для Taima Miko Yuugi

Процессор Intel Core2DUO 2GHz
Оперативная память 2 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
Место на диске 1 GB

Как активировать Taima Miko Yuugi в Steam

  1. Получите оплаченный товар в разделе Мои покупки.
  2. Если не установлен Steam клиент, скачайте его для Windows (клиент также доступен на Mac и Linux) и установите.
  3. Запустите Steam, зайдите в свой аккаунт или зарегистрируйте новый, если у вас его еще нет.
  4. Войдите в меню «Игры» и выберите пункт «Активировать через Steam».
  5. Примите соглашение подписчика Steam.
  6. Введите ключ активации (для его получения необходимо купить Ghostrunner).
  7. После активации вам будет предложено скачать игру Ghostrunner.

Ключ также можно активировать через браузер.

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