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The legendary game. One of the best action-puzzle games in the world!
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Описание Supaplex


This series of games can captivate you for months or even years, that's why we have named it - SUPAPLEX UNIVERSE!

For beginners:
- Supaplex (Classic) - Legendary classic Supaplex!
- Supaplex SQUARES - Unusual square levels!

For professionals:
- Supaplex HARD - Complexity and speed!
- Supaplex GO! - Run. Run! But do not forget to think!
- Supaplex THINK! - Think. Think! And if you need to - run!
- Supaplex WOW! - For those who are not afraid of Supaplex HARD!

Supaplex (classic)

Legendary classic Supaplex.

Supaplex SQUARES

One of the most unusual Supaplex of all! Its levels are in the shape of small squares on the game board. The whole square is entirely visible and the level does not imply long passing. However, each of them will require quick thinking and fast reactions! On the whole, this game doesn't contain very large and complex elements and can be used by beginners of the Supaplex world. But at the same time we think it may be of interest to professionals! In total we can say - it's a game of UNUSUAL SQUARE LEVELS!

Supaplex HARD

Complexity and speed! Certainly, Supaplex HARD will require greater preparations! There are many tasks that need relatively long planning and quick responses. New ports have been added here, that switch on gravity and invisible walls. If you have managed to accomplish Supaplex (Classic) successfully and you are eager to continue this incredible adventure with a new level of complexity and passion, then Supaplex HARD is what you need. What can we say about Supaplex HARD in plain words? It is COMPLEXITY AND SPEED!

Supaplex GO!

This game is for advanced players of the Supaplex world with a lot of new adventures! A new level of complexity and enthusiasm! There are many levels where one has to think a lot, but the largest part of the game requires good reactions. That's why its moto is: RUN! BUT DON'T FORGET TO THINK!


Supaplex THINK!

This game is for prepared players of the Supaplex world with many new adventures! A new level of sophistication and enthusiasm! Although Supaplex THINK! contains many levels that require good reaction, in general, it is more focused on planning and thinking through action. Therefore, we say: THINK! AND IF YOU NEED TO - RUN!


Supaplex WOW!

This game is for professional players of the Supaplex world with a lot of new adventures! A new level of complexity and passion! It needs good reaction! It requires a lot of thinking! We simply can say: FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT AFRAID OF Supaplex HARD!


Об этой игре

Millions of people around the world have already experienced this joyful adventure! Help Murphy to travel through 111 of the most diverse game levels!
We have also added new features to this incredible adventure! Here are just some of them:

  • ZOOM


Make yourself comfortable!
You are about to experience a great adventure!

Детали Supaplex

Система активации Steam
Дата релиза 9 мая 2018 г.
Английский (Интерфейс)

Системные требования для Supaplex

ОС Windows 7
Процессор 1.2 Ghz
Оперативная память 1024 MB ОЗУ
Видеокарта OpenGL 2.1-compatible, 512 MB video memory, framebuffer object support. E.g. Intel HD 4600 or better.
Место на диске 70 MB
ОС OSX 10.12
Процессор 1.2 Ghz
Оперативная память 1024 MB ОЗУ
Видеокарта OpenGL 2.0 or higher
Место на диске 70 MB

Как активировать Supaplex в Steam

  1. Получите оплаченный товар в разделе Мои покупки.
  2. Если не установлен Steam клиент, скачайте его для Windows (клиент также доступен на Mac и Linux) и установите.
  3. Запустите Steam, зайдите в свой аккаунт или зарегистрируйте новый, если у вас его еще нет.
  4. Войдите в меню «Игры» и выберите пункт «Активировать через Steam».
  5. Примите соглашение подписчика Steam.
  6. Введите ключ активации (для его получения необходимо купить Ghostrunner).
  7. После активации вам будет предложено скачать игру Ghostrunner.

Ключ также можно активировать через браузер.