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Realm of the Mad God Exalt Pack
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Описание Realm of the Mad God Exalt Pack

Информация о дополнении

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Oryx 3 has challenged you to a lethal battle in the new and definitely improved Realm Exalt ! Both are faster, stronger, better, more thrilling! Are you prepared for a trial of champions?
We can aid you in this quest! Merchants from all over the realm has gathered the best and most exquisite trinkets that will give you the edge you need!
This pack contains items worth almost 6000 gold and has everything you need to defeat his Madness ! Train your senses and dodging skills by entering the most dangerous dungeons where you will muster the courage to face the most evil creatures in and beyond the realm. While at it, having luck on your side to get some more ST loot is never redundant! You can always keep it safe in your additional Vault Chest! And in case you die ( happy thoughts, happy thoughts! ), you can always use your extra Character Slot and create the next generation hero!
This pack contains:
  • x1 Char Slot Unlocker
  • x1 Vault Chest Unlocker
  • x1 Ambrosia
  • x3 Golden Lucky Clover
  • x3 Legendary Mystery Key
  • x3 Epic Mystery Key
  • x1 Mystery ST Chest
Note: All items will be delivered to your Gift Chest in the game after you buy this pack. Please wait a few minutes and re-launch the game to be able to see them.

Детали Realm of the Mad God Exalt Pack

Система активации Steam
Дата релиза 10 августа 2020 г.
Английский (Интерфейс, озвучка)

Системные требования для Realm of the Mad God Exalt Pack

OS Windows XP or later
Processor 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive 100 MB HD space

Как активировать Realm of the Mad God Exalt Pack в Steam

  1. Получите оплаченный товар в разделе Мои покупки.
  2. Если не установлен Steam клиент, скачайте его для Windows (клиент также доступен на Mac и Linux) и установите.
  3. Запустите Steam, зайдите в свой аккаунт или зарегистрируйте новый, если у вас его еще нет.
  4. Войдите в меню «Игры» и выберите пункт «Активировать через Steam».
  5. Примите соглашение подписчика Steam.
  6. Введите ключ активации (для его получения необходимо купить Ghostrunner).
  7. После активации вам будет предложено скачать игру Ghostrunner.

Ключ также можно активировать через браузер.