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Abduction Bit
Abduction Bit is a NES-like arcade based on elements of some timeless classics from 80's (Bubble Bobble, Ice Climber, Mario Bros).
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Описание Abduction Bit


“For the price Abduction Bit is a fun little title that takes us back to the arcade era of the 80s and does its uttermost best to ensure a most authentic and historical correct experience. Next to the rather retro-looking 8-bit graphics, the available sound effects will surely help you get that feeling. The game comes with free DLC and the various map modes gives a lengthy playtime or a nice short break time waster.”
8.0 – 3rd Strike

“Abduction Bit è un piacevolissimo trip nel passato che di sicuro farà la gioia dei giocatori più agé grazie a un'ottima resa della piacevole follia degli albori videoludici.”
75% – TrueGamers

Об этой игре

Urban myths about Abduction Bit:
Abduction Bit was originally released in 1982 but considerated too realistic (or inconvenient) for publishing it like an arcade game and so to bring it to the masses, this game reveals the truth about alien abduction.
Fortunately the SEEP team have found a prototype suite of arcade versions and are working on it.

Two aliens must catch many humans for some experiments in four stages: construction, hotel, military base and laboratory.
To catch the humans the aliens use a sci-fi gun that paralyses the target for a number of seconds, during which time they destroy their memory so they cannot remember the incident. Once the humans are caught they are shaved and stripped of their clothes
to be teleported to the UFO.

Abduction Bit is a retro style game inspired by 80s arcade games like Bubble Bobble and Mario Bros, where players take control of an alien that must abduct the humans.
To complete a stage the players must capture all the humans without touching them and must avoid dangerous traps.
The player can jump on the platform and shoot - easy gameplay with high-level difficulty.

Level Packs system:
In Abduction Bit the player can select various level packs through the main menu. We'll release more packs in the future like FREE DLC.

  • 100% Retro look and retro sound
  • Local CO-OP (2 players)
  • Level packs with different play (and Free DLC).
  • Customize the palette of your alien
  • Save state
  • Achievements
  • Cheap price
  • Steam trading cards

Детали Abduction Bit

Система активации Steam
Дата релиза 15 ноября 2016 г.
Английский (Интерфейс, субтитры)

Системные требования для Abduction Bit

ОС XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Процессор Pentium 4
Видеокарта 256MB
DirectX Версии 8.0
Место на диске 10 MB

Как активировать Abduction Bit в Steam

  1. Получите оплаченный товар в разделе Мои покупки.
  2. Если не установлен Steam клиент, скачайте его для Windows (клиент также доступен на Mac и Linux) и установите.
  3. Запустите Steam, зайдите в свой аккаунт или зарегистрируйте новый, если у вас его еще нет.
  4. Войдите в меню «Игры» и выберите пункт «Активировать через Steam».
  5. Примите соглашение подписчика Steam.
  6. Введите ключ активации (для его получения необходимо купить Ghostrunner).
  7. После активации вам будет предложено скачать игру Ghostrunner.

Ключ также можно активировать через браузер.